The Difference between Adult Nappies and Adult Briefs

As the adult incontinence product industry takes off, we are seeing a lot of confusion over the terms used to describe these products. Most people and manufacturing companies refer to them as adult nappies here in the UK. Across the pond, it’s adult diapers, which has the same connotations as nappies does here.

However, a lot of manufacturers and consumers are starting to call these products adult briefs. Make no mistake, there is no difference between adult briefs, adult nappies and adult diapers. They are all the same product, and they simply get relabeled.

So, is it a branding concern and a naming right issue that causes this confusion? Are manufacturers simply trying to avoid a legal battle over copyrights? No, it’s much simpler than all that. The term “nappies” or “diapers” has some negative connotations among the general public. When many people use these terms, they think of the elderly or even of baby’s nappies. That’s understandable, because those terms have been so closely associated with those two opposite ends of the age spectrum for so long that it can be hard to shake the connotation there. People just assume that nappies are for the very young or the very old.

However, as more players get into this industry and try to tap the adult incontinence market, there is a growing need to make the products seem more sophisticated. Incontinence is something that is simply not going away. While it is treatable, on the whole, more and more people are experiencing this problem and trying to get help for it. We are seeing more cases each year, and that means that a lot of companies want to get in on the action and reach that market.

What they don’t want to do, though, is make their product look unappealing. So, they often rename their incontinence products as adult briefs or something similar that sounds more sophisticated or grown up. There is nothing wrong with calling the product an adult nappy, and many people are perfectly fine with referring to them as such, even those who wear those products. However, a certain segment of the population is always going to find the terminology uncomfortable and it’s association less than desirable. So, the shift in terminology has occurred, but it is important to understand that it doesn’t mean the products have changed at all. Yes, with more players on the market creating more products, there will be more variety, but the core products haven’t changed at all.

Adult briefs are simply another name for the same product that has proven to be so useful to so many people. No longer is incontinence a problem reserved for just the elderly. It’s something that people of all stages of life are experiencing and admitting to going through, and they want help in dealing with the problem.

Whatever they choose to call the products that are designed to help them, it is important that they get that help. No one should have to be embarrassed about the products they have to use to take control of their incontinence, so if they want to call it by a different name or only buy products for incontinence that are called by a certain name, then that’s certainly understandable. So long as they are getting help, no one is worse off just because the terminology has shifted a bit. It’s certainly a good thing to see more and more people accepting adult incontinence products and using them every day for greater comfort and convenience.

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